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Vertical AIT specializes in custom control, automation, and robotic systems. Our team has over 40 years combined experience delivering quality solutions that are maintainable and provide efficient operation.

Vertical AIT - Project Experience

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Robotic Label Application

Vacuum gripping mechanism attached to robot for precision placement of labels (UPC, QR, shipping, warning, etc.)

Dual-camera Robotic Vision Inspection

Custom software controls collaborative robot with Keyence cameras and Vision system with integrated OCR capabilities

Pick & Place - Collaborative Robotic Arm

Designed a collaborative robot integration with a vision system to pick and place small parts for manufacturing.

Pick and Place Box Labels

Collaborative robot label application

Industrial Dual Simultaneous Palletizing Robot

Install an industrial FANUC robot for palletizing large heavy boxes.

High Speed LabVIEW Simulation Test Stand using cRIO

High Speed LabVIEW Simulation Test Stand using NI (National Instruments) cRIO

Well Services Equipment Controls

On-Site LabVIEW (cRIO) Controller for Fracking, Cementing, Stimulation, and Process Control

High-speed Test Stand Data Acquisition

High Speed Test-Stand Data Collection

Custom Tool Instrumentation - Texas Instruments Firmware

Custom build, cost-effective, TI arm based processor (Tiva) application for gathering data and keeping precise operation time of equipment movement.

OPC Development

Build an OPC system for a real-time industrial application

Color Selection Quote Tool - Custom Web Software

Online color selection tool for metal buildings

Custom Metal Building Quote Tool - Custom Web Software

Easy to use 3D quote tool for metal buildings

Custom Industrial Internet of Things Device (IIoT)

Custom Firmware used for Industrial IoT device with Edge Gateway Servers.

Bag Opening System

Patent Pending Bag/Box opening and packaging system for automated loading of products

Assembly and Tooling Fixtures for faster assembly

Custom Assembly Fixtures to improve throughput and ergonomics of assembly processes

Kollmorgen Motion Controller

Upgrade customer's controller in an industrial automation system with a new Kollmorgen motor controller.The system rework involved updating the existing code base and improving maintanability through an intuitive maintenance user interface.

B&R Controller for Hydraulic Cutting Machine

Installed new B&R X20 Controller for Hydraulic Cutting Machine.Hydraulic Cutting Machine leveraged extremely precise Sick Laser Distance Sensors for position control.

Dual-camera Robotic Vision Inspection

Custom software controls collaborative robot with Keyence cameras and Vision system with integrated OCR capabilities

Vision Based Material Identification, Classification, and Defect Identification

Capture hi-resolution images of parts and materials to be used for identification, classification, and defect detection.

Laser Part Profiling

Gather precision part profiles for inspection validation

Infrared Thermal Image Processing

Capture thermal images of parts to verify heat treatment process.

Inspections using Machine Learning

Machine Learning defect detection using Hi-Resolution line scan images.

Oil & Gas Field Operations

We have over 20 years of combined experience building control and automation systems for O&G clients.

Our team has designed and implemented engine, transmission, and pump controls for a variety of applications including Fracturing, Cementing, Sand Control, Drilling, and more.

Retail Web Strategy

In collaboration with the client's sales team we have helped build site analytics, SEO, keyword, goals, metrics, and advertising strategies to maximize the effectiveness of their web presence.

Predictive Maintenance

Our team has the knowledge to help gather the critical engine, transmission, gearbox, pump, and other parameters necessary to create predictive analysis routines that can help reduce (NPT) non-productive time and help eliminate equipment down-time.

Software Technology Expertise

  • Team Foundation Server
  • TFS Build Servers
  • C#, C++, C
  • SQL Server Database
  • Microsoft .NET
  • ASP.NET Forms and MVC
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • Responsive Web Design

Hardware and Embedded Systems Expertise

  • National Instruments LabVIEW
  • Compact RIO (cRIO)
  • Compact DAQ
  • Vx Works
  • PXI
  • SCXI
National Instruments

NI Alliance Partner

Certified LabVIEW Architect and Developers will ensure that solutions adhere to the NI development standards.

Our Certified Professional Instructor (CPI) provides on-site training for your team.

ABB Robotics

ABB Authorized Robotics System Integrator

We are trained, experienced and ready for your next medical, machine tending, or robotic automation project.

FANUC America

Authorized System Integrator (ASI).

Our automation team is experienced in robots, vision, motion control and more.

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